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Filtron cabin filters with BIOKNIGHT system

The air taken in by the ventilation system of the vehicle directly from above the road is contaminated among others with soot, dust, bacteria, viruses and plant dusts.

The task of the cabin filter is to purify the air supplied to the passenger cabin. Clean air guarantees not only higher comfort of driving but also has positive effects upon our health.

New FILTRON cabin filters with the BIOKNIGHT system remove almost 100% of bacteria and allergens 

and prevent the formation of allergenic moulds and fungi. These are of particular importance for:

  • people suffering from allergies
  • children
  • those who often travel by car
The BIOKNIGHT system protects their health and ensures the safety of driving!
The basis of the BIOKNIGHT system is the innovative, invisible to the human eye anti-bacterial coating, providing efficient protection against harmful allergens. Odour-free, colourless and non-toxic, the BIOKNIGHT system is a double action system
Find out more about Filtron BIOKNIGHT system here.
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