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Car wash facility at our station offers guaranteed quality of services provided in compliance with all regulations and guidelines.

Our experts execute their work properly, using modern materials, well-known brands and specialized professional equipment, providing an ideal cleanliness of car body, trunk, interior, and other car parts.

We use contactless car wash technology. This technology implies lack of contact with paint during all stages from washing to drying. For drying we use liquid wax, thus at the stage drying the contact with paint will also be minimal. In addition, waxing gives your car nice shine and protects the paint.

The administrators of our car wash facility will help each customer to choose the optimal car wash service set needed it for his/her car.

Our car wash offers a number of offers which combine certain types of car wash services. The price of such a bundle is significantly lower than the total added cost of each service, thus using bundled services will save you money.

5 reasons to trust us with your car:

- Guaranteed safety and security of your vehicle;
- Complete  service with a personal attitude toward each client;
- We only use best car care products;
- Cash and non-cash forms of payment, fixed contracts, VAT invoices;
- Competitive prices, allowing you to use our services as frequently as required by weather conditions.

You and your car will be happy!

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