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Denumirea:Cassida GLE 150 (22 kg)
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Fully synthetic, high performance, anti-wear gear fluids for use in the food canning industry. Provides excellent lubrication, even when operating in locations where the product can be subject to contamination with water, juice and food. CASSIDA FLUID GLE holds these contaminants in suspension, thus protecting metal surfaces from wear and corrosion. Approved by Angelus Sanitary Can Seaming Company for can seamer lubrication.

Main application: Lubrication of rotary can seaming machines, including both enclosed and total loss systems and for circulating and bearing oil systems where contamination with water or food juices can occur.

Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
2012 Triumf-Unitried SRL
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Chişinau, Moldova 2025, str. Arborilor, 9/2 (Dacia viadukt)
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